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Tourism Management or Hospital Management [ Taylors ]

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작성자 unimalgo 작성일15-10-29 10:10 조회3,939회 댓글1건


Hi. i am korean and stuying now In johor malaysia about diploma of business and cabin crew service. i think that compared with others course, this course is a bit speacial.Anyway i wanna know that if i graduate my diploma course in Johor can i transfer to bachelor of international tourism managment? and if there have any qualification of trasfer, inform me please.  Next, i heard that if i complete my diploma, i can start bachelor programm from year2 programme of this 3year bachelor course. i also hope i can graduate this bachlelor programme by studying 2years.  And this tourism management course is related in cabin crew of airlines? or what programme is more related in airlines service?

please reply for me detail. thank you
taylors |

Hi there, for a more accurate gauge, it is advisable for you to send in your final transcript, completion certificate, as well as course syllabus for us to assess if you’re able to be exempted for one year from our Bachelor courses from the school of hospitality, culinary arts and tourism. The maximum allowance of exemptions we allow for other diploma courses = 1 year, if the credits match our syllabus.

In terms of your career preference in airlines preferences, I would recommend the 2 following courses,

1.BA – International Hospitality Management http://university.taylors.edu.my/hospitality/programmes/undergraduate-programmes/bachelor-international-hospitality-management-hons
2.BA – Tourism Management (Travel & Recreation) http://university.taylors.edu.my/hospitality/programmes/undergraduate-programmes/bachelor-international-tourism-management-hons-travel-recreation-management
Both degrees provide the following job options (as per clicked by link),
And  both degrees offer a wide pathway into various industries, including the following:
1.Airline industry
2.5-star Resorts/ Hotels
3.Hotel industry
4.F&B platform
5.Government Tourism Board
What our School of Tourism, Hospitality, and Culinary Arts’ main focus is building MIDDLE MANAGERS within all kinds of industry, within the Hospitality foray.
Also, it provides you with a dual-award certification with the University of Toulouse, France – which has been in partnership with us for 3 decades today.

Let me know if you need further explanation, and I’m only one email away at: jeanjenjean.lai@tiannet.com.sg

Thank you for your email,

Jean Lai
International Recruitment Manager